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Steve Steinman's Anything For Love - The Meat Loaf Story

Steve Steinman's Anything For Love - The Meat Loaf Story
posted 18 May 2022


The critically acclaimed Steve Steinman, now in his 30th year of continuous touring, will be joined onstage by Lorraine Crosby, who nearly three decades ago sang those immortal words with Meat Loaf “I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)” to perform this epic song live as part of his brand new production Anything For Love – The Meat Loaf Story.

With over 2,000 performances and over a million tickets sold worldwide, Steve Steinman has come a long way since his appearance as Meat Loaf on ITV’s hit TV show Stars In Their Eyes back in 1993. His journey can only be described as remarkable as for the past 27 years Steve has constantly toured globally in the hit show ‘The Meat Loaf Story’. He has performed in some of the most iconic venues in the world such as Sun City, South Africa and the London Palladium, which Steve rates as one of his all-time achievements.

Lorraine was born in Newcastle in the late 60’s and tirelessly worked all over the UK performing in many bands before leaving for LA in the early 90’s to secure a recording contract with record giants MCA. A chance meeting with Jim Steinman, the legendary musical genius behind the epic multi-million selling album Bat Out Of Hell, lead to him becoming her manager. Lorraine was then introduced to Meat Loaf where she was asked to put down her vocals on what we now know as one of the best-selling songs of all time. Amongst Lorraine’s other achievements she can be credited for her amazing vocals on the hit No 1 album Bat Out Of Hell II - Back Into Hell. Lorraine is well known for her live performances where many superstars, including Bonnie Tyler, have joined her on stage.

As it’s no longer possible to see Meat Loaf live, Steve Steinman makes the perfect partner as Lorraine explains “I can’t think of a better person who can do Meat Loaf’s epic songs justice. I’m really excited to be part of such an incredible show, I’ve turned down many offers to perform this song, but Steve’s reputation and his productions are phenomenal”.

With incredible stage set, live band and production, combined with Steve’s well-known sense of humour and stage presence, along with the amazing Lorraine Crosby the show can only be described as ‘awesome’. The show will feature Meat Loaf’s greatest hits of all time including – Anything for Love – Bat Out Of Hell – Paradise By The Dashboard Light – Took The Words Right Out Of My Mouth – Two Out Of Three Ain’t Bad – Dead Ringer For Love and many, many more.

Steve Steinman and Lorraine Crosby will perform in Anything For Love – The Meat Loaf Story at The Place Telford on Wednesday 16 November. Book now online or 01952 382382.


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