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  • Dont-Miss-Award-Winning-Comedy-When-Mark-Steels-In-Telford

Don't miss award-winning comedy when Mark Steel's in Telford!

Don't miss award-winning comedy when Mark Steel's in Telford!
posted 15 Jun 2023

There is so much to yell about. There’s the modern world, in which you spend so long trying to work out iTunes that it’s easier to form a band and learn the songs. 

But there’s also so much to be delighted with. Like the fact that everyone in Northampton knows the sign that says ‘Family Planning Advice – Use Rear Entrance’.

Then there’s the crazy story of being brought up in a working-class street in Kent, to discover that my natural father was a millionaire backgammon player who was best mates with Lord Lucan.

I’ve come to terms with the fact that I’m a heap of contradictions, trying to stay young while being unable to log into any website. Trying to be respectable and mainstream (in this show there will even be a piano and a bit of singing), until I can’t help breaking into a steaming rant that would get me locked away somewhere secure if it wasn’t on a stage.

And this is stand-up, so whatever has happened in the room, in the town or in the world that day will almost certainly be in the show.

So, I’ll try to keep it to a decent length, but it could so easily end up as an evening and part of the next day.  

The critically acclaimed Mark Steels in Town was voted the 6th best radio comedy ever, and Mark is a regular on the BBC’s Have I Got News for You and QI, as well as BBCR4’s The News Quiz. He has been named newspaper columnist of the year, and is author of the award-winning audiobook Who Do I Think I Am?.

An Evening and A Little Bit of a Morning With Mark Steel is at Telford Theatre on Friday 23 June. You can book tickets online or call the Box Office 01952 382382.


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